22 Alternate

22 Alternative Installation is designed to pop into a receiving system set into a sheet of finish material (marble, wood, stone, tile, etc.).

Technical Specs

The complete assembly results in operative components that sit flush with the surrounding wall surface, without visible cover plates. US Utility Patents 7,956,295 and 8,232,482.

22 tamper-resistant outlets and mounting plates are rated to UL and CSA standards, and are available for purchase in our online store or through our network of representatives. 22 tamper-resistant outlets are sold as full assemblies (see here), which include the specified back plate and outlet in one package. These outlets are available in 15A and 20A for North American plugs only.

To avoid making any aesthetic concessions, the entire suite of 22 components is available in three standard colour options: black, almond or white.

Also available are custom colours and finishes, please contact us to discuss your bespoke production of 22.