38.16 is a cluster of 16 light sources and 12 moons. A large glass sphere contains 4-6 cavities, three of which house either a 10-watt xenon or 1.8-watt LED lamp, while the others are deep enough to house succulent or cacti plantings.

Technical Specs

38 pushes the glass fabrication technique originally developed for 28 to its technical and material limits. A stiff copper tubing system provides electricity and suspension, enabling compositional freedom on either the horizontal or vertical plane. The copper tubing crinkles and bends during installation, occasionally supporting a small standalone planter (called a "moon"), which appears to have escaped the confines of the nearest 38 sphere.

Canopy Options

Rectangle Canopy

The white powder-coated canopy is 43" / 1100 mm x 14.5” / 370 mm.

Download Specs and Installation